May 12 2015

Abby’s Corner

Bathing Basics for Dogs and Cats
The first thing you need to do for bathing a cat, you have to do nothing. Cats are really easy to bathe because they bathe themselves. They  clean their skin by licking their fur! That’s why lots of cats cough up hair balls!
The first thing you need to do to give your dog a bath you need to ask a parent or grown-up if they could supervise you. Next, you need to get a towel and put it on the counter. Then, you need to get some dog shampoo ready. Last, you need to make sure the water is in the middle meaning cold/warm { Mostly warm though }. Finally, you need to get the dog in the bathtub. If your dog is to big for a bath tub, on a warm day you could use a hose { only if your parents let you }.
Here are all the steps to bathe a dog:
  • ask a grown-up if they could supervise you
  • get the doggie shampoo out
  • turn the water to a warm temperature
  • get the dog in the bathtub
  • get the dog very sudsy
  • rinse off soap very well
  • dry dogs VERY WELL or you will make a slip and slid
  • put all the things you got out away

It’s just that simple.  The bath should take about 4-5 minutes!  Make sure after you bathe them, you make them as comfortable as you can by drying them off well and giving them a treat.  This lets them know that they had good behavior!


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