Nov 14 2016

Prevention of Fleas & Ticks

Prevention of Fleas & Ticks

Today I will be talking about how to prevent fleas and ticks from invading your house, how you can tell if they did invade your house, and how to give prevention!

Fleas Invading!
1.Look for little things jumping around either on your pet or on the floor.
2.Look for small oval things that are either dead or alive on either on your pet or on the floor.
3.Look for a black gritty substance also known as flea dirt that proves that the fleas are there even if you don’t find the adults. When you mix the “dirt” with water, it turns brown or reddish.

Ticks Invading!
1.Look for either little round things on your dog. (The ticks could be anywhere on the body from their ears to their tails and they are usually attached).
2.The ticks could be any color from black, white, brown, grey, etc.
3.When they are attached, they can be flat or swollen.

Ways to prevent fleas and ticks from invading!
1.Tell an adult
2.Call the pet doctor at Pets R Family
3.Use flea and tick prevention every month (I recommend Nexgard for dogs and revolution for cats)
4.Deep clean everything in your house (help your parents)

How to give prevention to Dogs (it’s easy!)
1.Take the chew out of the box
2.Don’t put the chew in the food
3.Give the chew by hand (let parents supervise you)

How to give prevention to Cats (it’s easy!)
1.Take the tube out of the box
2.Take the cap off the tube
3.Squirt the liquid out of the tube onto your cat in between the shoulder blades

For more information call (904)452-7387 or you can join our vets and training sessions to learn more about many other topics!

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