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    Prevention of Fleas & Ticks

    Nov 14 2016

    Prevention of Fleas & Ticks Today I will be talking about how to prevent fleas and ticks from invading your house, how you can tell if they did invade your…

  • Thunderstorm Anxiety and Your Pet

    Jul 10 2015

    What happens when a thunderstorm comes through and your pet has thunderstorm anxiety is that your dog or cat starts shaking. The pet might throw-up or drool just a little.…

  • Training your Pets

    Jun 24 2015

    Dogs and cats are supposed to be trained so that no one gets hurt! One thing you could do to train your pet is to take their favorite toy and…

  • Abby’s Corner

    May 12 2015

    BathingĀ BasicsĀ for Dogs and Cats Cats The first thing you need to do for bathing a cat, you have to do nothing. Cats are really easy to bathe because they bathe…