Compassionate, Christian-Based Veterinary Care

We are proud to say that we are an official Cat Friendly Practice®, accredited by the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners). Here at Pets R Family we understand that cats have unique needs when it comes to traveling and visiting the veterinarian. We strive to accommodate these needs and make the visit to our hospital as positive and stress free as possible for our feline patients.

Feline-Only Spaces

We have met a wide range of unique needs of cats to earn the Cat Friendly Practice® title by the AAFP. We make an effort to have a calming environment available for your cat when coming in for an appointment. We utilize a separate cat waiting area to ensure cats don’t come into contact with dogs and other animals while in the waiting room.

Our cat only exam room, away from the sights, sounds and smells of other animals, allows us to examine your cat calmly and effectively. This exam room is equipped with a large window with a view and a cat tree for your pet to climb on while here for their appointment.

If you need to board your cat, we offer a separate cat boarding room with kitty condos and a large window facing the nature preserve so that your cat can enjoy watching the outdoors while staying with us.

Purevax Vaccines

We carry Purevax vaccines for our cat patients. Feline Purevax vaccines are vaccines that do not contain adjuvants. Adjuvants are compounds that are added to vaccines to help create a stronger immune response in the body. Unfortunately, these adjuvants can predispose cats to vaccine-associated reaction. By using Purevax vaccines that are made without adjuvants, we are able to protect your cat against a wide range of illnesses, while decreasing the chance of a vaccine reaction.

Stress-free Experience

At Pets R Family Veterinary Hospital we want both you and your cat to have a positive and stress-free experience when visiting with us. Our staff is trained and experienced working with cats, and we strive to provide a comfortable experience to all of our patients.

Call or text us today at 904-452-7387(PETS) to set up an appointment or stop by to tour our cat friendly facility. We look forward to meeting you and your cat soon!