Compassionate and Professional End of Life Care for Pets

Making the right decision regarding end of life care for your pet can be complicated and sometimes confusing. At Pets R Family, we’re here to help you navigate these difficult times with compassionate care and knowledge.

Honest Answers to Your Questions

When facing the loss of your pet, it’s understandable to have plenty of questions. What are my options? How long should I continue care? Is my pet suffering or in pain? When should I consider euthanasia? These are all common questions and ones we’ll answer honestly and compassionately.

Quality of Life

Is your pet still able to enjoy activities without pain or suffering? Are they comfortable? Are they happy and engaged? These questions are important when determining your pet’s quality of life and when developing a plan of action regarding end of life care. Our veterinarians will always evaluate your pet’s quality of life with care, patience, and respect. This process may also include a physical exam, diagnostic testing, medications, and treatment.

End of Life Care

While euthanasia is often the last option you want to consider as a pet owner, it’s an important one that should be discussed as soon as possible once your pet begins exhibiting the following signs of diminished quality of life:

  • No longer eating or drinking
  • Demonstrating signs of pain despite the use of medication
  • Difficulty urinating or defecating

Once euthanasia is necessary, we offer a special consultation room with an exterior door where our patients can discretely enter and leave. If you would prefer to be home with your pet during this process, we also offer in-home euthanasia services.

The Sunny Fund
“Sunny” Deckard was our beautiful baby here at Pets R Family. Sunny was a wonderful canine staff member who offered her life to care for other pets who needed blood donations, offered a kind demeanor for those in our Pups N Play program, where Sunny warmed other furry hearts during play time and gave big hugs and kisses to those having a tough day in the hospital. Sunny was 7 years old when a sudden heart attack took her life in an instant. Our love and memories of Sunny will last a lifetime, as she left amazing paw prints on our heart. Our dedication to her memory lives on in the “Sunny Fund”. This fund was designed to support pets in need, who don’t have the financial ability to provide the medicine or procedures that can surely save a quality life. In memory of each beloved pet lost, Pets R Family donates to this relief fund. We believe that the beautiful smile from Sunny’s face can now shine on other pets in need.
*The Sunny Fund is a registered 501c3 charitable organization.
“I always expected the best from you, as I saw the best in you!” – Sunny Deckard


We offer the following after-care options for your pet:

  • We can prepare your pet for a private home burial.
  • We can assist you in arranging either a private cremation (the ashes are returned to you) or a communal cremation (the ashes will not be returned to you).

Preserving Your Pet’s Memory

We understand that preserving the memory of your pet is important. To honor and commemorate your pet’s life, we offer several options, including memorial plaques and clay paw prints.

Grief Counseling

The human-animal bond is unique and enduring. As pet owners ourselves, we have first-hand knowledge regarding just how difficult it can be to lose a pet. If you or a loved one need help as you transition through this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to text or call us at (904) 452-PETS (7387). We also recommend the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital’s Pet Loss Support page for additional resources to manage your grief.

Visit the Pets R Family Memorial Page on Facebook to share your memories with other pet parents.